It’s not often that a testimonial includes a dual perspective, but that’s exactly what Jim Scwab, CEO at Interact for Health, contributes with these comments:

“I was Cincinnati Market President for US Bank when The Angus Group contacted me as a potential candidate for the CEO position at Interact for Health. They were easy to work with, highly professional and kept me up-to-date as the interview process proceeded. Ultimately, I became the top candidate and accepted the offer for the CEO position.”

“From an entirely different perspective, as member of a search committee for a non-profit collaborative, I was pleased when the committee selected The Angus Group to search for a CEO with very diverse talents. I knew they were capable of working with a large committee and variety of interests. The Angus Group interviewed both internally and externally to the member organization and helped us find the right person.”

Jim Schwab, CEO
Interact for Health


Search Process

As leaders in the executive search industry, The Angus Group's success stems from our commitment to find the proper fit for both the client and the candidate. To do this, we build an understanding of our clients' business goals first, and then provide candidates who can meet and exceed those goals. We present only those candidates who meet our clients' specific needs, culture, expectations — in other words, the right people for the position.

We follow a structured eight step process to ensure a smooth and successful search.


A position description typically defines the responsibilities contained in the job as well as a summary of career and educational experiences that a candidate should have in their background. As a first step, we meet with your team to discuss the priorities for the position and determine what achievements will define successful performance, along with the leadership and interpersonal skills required. Many times, this type of information is not contained in the position description, but may prove crucial to effectively interviewing candidates who will be capable of succeeding and being effective in your company.

Strategy / Research

After agreement on the search criteria, we develop a customized strategy for the search. The search process involves many resources, including our own industry expertise and contacts, affiliations with national search industry groups, our state-of-the-art database of candidates, and a substantial proprietary network developed over many years.

Recruiting / Screening

We evaluate prospective candidates against the established criteria and build the interest of those qualified. Our goal in all searches is to present highly qualified candidates to our clients. We present people who are capable of performing the work, who are sincerely interested in the position, whose goals fall within the salary range, and who fit the client’s corporate culture.


We qualify candidates through a detailed interview, which helps us discover the relevance of the candidate’s experience to your needs. We delve deeply into the areas identified as challenges and important objectives. Our intent is to be sure that the person can perform effectively in areas which are critical to their success within your company. Each candidate resume is submitted with a written summary of qualifications.


We will coordinate interview logistics and provide an agenda. Our offices are available to hold candidate interviews at any time.


We conduct in-depth reference checks and provide a written report of the results. We also verify candidate educational credentials.


When the right candidate is identified, we act as a liaison between the client and the candidate. We are available to assist in whatever capacity may be required, including assisting with offers, negotiations, and relocation. We strive to pave the way for a comfortable and compatible relationship in which both client and candidate are extremely pleased.


We will contact the candidate at three months, six months and one year employment dates to gauge their satisfaction and comments about the position versus their expectations. We will provide feedback from those conversations to you.